While everyone was freaking out about plagiarism in a couple of phrases of Melania Trump speech, no one noticed the quiet announcement of an ethics investigation that found HUD Secretary Julian Castro, touted as a leading contender for Hillary’s Vice President, had violated the Hatch Act.

His violation? Using his office and official position to support a political candidate.

But what about Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg who did the same thing a week earlier?

The media ignores these ethics violations, Obama says he won’t punish Castro and Castro says “mistakes were made”.

Haven’t we heard THAT before? Will anyone accuse Castro of plagiarism for his “excuse”?

Will anyone point out the judiciary is in fact biased and refuses to recuse itself?

No. Instead, there will be a firestorm of indignation when someone points out the unethical hypocrisy as there was when Trump complained of the “La Raza” judge who refused to recuse himself from the Trump University case.

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