President Trump’s public approval numbers have hit 50% among likely voters, according to a new Rasmussen poll, which is good news for midterms.  And who should be pushing those ratings to el norte?

No kidding: Hispanic voters.

You know, the ones who are supposed to hate Trump with a passion.  After all, doesn’t the press dutifully report that Trump is an enemy of illegals, and aren’t illegals in the same conventional wisdom simply synonymous with Hispanics, and with Hispanics and illegals all the same thing, isn’t it all just proof that Trump is racist?

Here’s what the Washington Times, now featured on Drudge, had to say:

Are Hispanics shifting their allegiances to President Trump?

A recent Harvard/Harris poll recorded a 10-point spike in Hispanic support for Mr. Trump.  It hasn’t received much attention from the mainstream media, which is heavily invested in its portrait of the president as an unrepentant – and unpopular – “nativist.”

Coming in the midst of the nationwide controversy over children and families at the U.S.-Mexico border, it suggests that Hispanics may not be the entrenched liberal voting constituency that Democrats so often imagine.

This makes me say “whoa.”  Because ever since 2008, when I attended the Democratic Party’s convention in Denver as a reporter, I’ve sat through Democratic caucuses and listened closely to how Democrats have staked large amounts of the party’s fortunes and resources on controlling the Hispanic vote, with visions of controlling it permanently the same way the control the black vote (or, well, did).

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