This is the most important issue of our time.

Our world’s climate is at urgent breaking point! The planet is warming, the oceans are rising and the flood is inevitable! Civilized man is the villain knowingly committing this crime! His carbon footprint is his greatest sin and his mythological worldview compels him to expect the planets retribution! But hope exists in the form of a culture hero. Leonardo DiCaprio is not only warning people of their impending doom, he is also the champion of the crusade against it.

Before the Flood is documentary about man-made climate change currently making waves in South Africa. It was produced, narrated and elucidated by DiCaprio who presents this myth as though his voice is the first to do so. About 300 deluge narratives can be counted throughout the world. Five of them are significant for Western civilization because they contain the same formula used by the modern disseminator of this propagandistic tale.

The flood myth is basically this: the gods decide to wipe us out because we’ve degraded and destroyed paradise. The great flood is their preferred method though they do occasionally use plagues and droughts. Under divine, or inspirational instruction, the righteous hero mitigates mankind’s course in time. He is divinely rewarded for his achievement.

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