Video of a brutal family beatdown at Disneyland has gone viral, prompting a police investigation. The hair-pulling, choking and face-slapping played out in full view of kids, lasting several minutes before security arrived.

Viewers of the widely-circulated clip have questioned why the fight, which took place in front of Goofy’s Playhouse in the Toontown area of the Anaheim, California theme park on Saturday, was allowed to continue for so long before Disneyland security arrived.

The brawl begins when a woman in braids spits in the face of a pink-shirted man police say is her brother. As the man starts slapping wildly at her face, she yells “Hold my daughter!” and pushes her crying child’s stroller out of the way while Pink Shirt squares off against another man. A woman in a motorized wheelchair – apparently Pink Shirt’s mother – attempts to intervene, only to get knocked down for her trouble. A park worker stands on the sidelines looking worried, but armed with only a dustpan and some rubber gloves, he’s no match for the brawlers.

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I’m ready to go to jail tonight!” Pink Shirt yells repeatedly after knocking his sister to the ground, then turns on another woman after being told she hit his mom, pummeling her and dragging her by the hair until three men pull him off, one keeping him in a chokehold to prevent further violence.

Only when Pink Shirt has been successfully neutralized – by bystanders who’ve put themselves in harm’s way – do park security make their appearance, telling everyone to “calm down.” As video of the incident began going viral, Anaheim Police Department claimed they had been unable to do more than take a report on the scene because “all parties were from the same family and were uncooperative,” but “now that we have video, the investigation can continue.

Commenters had harsh words for Disneyland security, noting “someone could have been seriously hurt or killed in the amount of time it took to get any employee on site.” Others pointed out that like cops, Disneyland security is only around when you don’t want them, joking “I could have had security there in seconds. All you have to do is light a cigarette.”

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