Former Attorney General Eric Holder called on current AG Jeff Sessions to “have the guts” to say no to President Trump – a blatant example of hypocrisy from someone once held in contempt for lying to Congress and who once boasted of being President Obama’s “wingman.”

“You’re the attorney general of the United States. You run the damn Justice Department, you know?” Holder said during a speech at Georgetown University on Monday night. “And you’ve got to have the guts to look at the president every now and again and say, ‘no.'”

While admitting the firing may have been justified, Holder argued the decision to fire McCabe two days before he was eligible for his full pension was made by Sessions under pressure from President Trump.

“It may be that at the end of the day … [McCabe’s] termination is appropriate,” Holder said. “But you know, you don’t rush that component of it to meet a deadline that I think the president essentially set.”

It is worth noting the decision to fire former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was made by Attorney General Sessions based on the recommendation of an internal disciplinary review, rather than at the direction of President Trump.

Prior to his comments at Georgetown University, Holder took to Twitter to call on the deep state infiltrators at the FBI and Department of Justice to “be prepared” for more attacks from President Trump, assuring them they have “the support of millions committed to truth, justice and the defense of this nation.”

It is ironic to hear Holder calling on Sessions to stand up to President Trump when, back in 2013, he referred to himself as President Obama’s “wingman” when discussing rumors of his impending departure from the administration.

“I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done.  I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.  So we’ll see,” he said in a radio interview at the time.

In addition, Holder was held in contempt on Congress after failing to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun running operation.

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