US President Barack Obama believes that there is no need to build a new anti-terrorist coalition now that 65 countries are already fighting terrorists in Syria.

President Obama made this point very clear when meeting the press in Washington after two-hour talks with his visiting French counterpart Francois Hollande.

The French leader had come to Washington determined to persuade his American colleague to ramp up the war on Islamist terrorists, but his initial resolve all but evaporated the moment he entered the White House, Evgenia Krasilova wrote for RIA Novosti.

During their joint news conference Hollande and Obama spoke in perfect harmony about the need for regime change in Damascus and the departure of Syrian President Bashar Assad as the main precondition of lasting peace in the troubled Arab country.

Apparently stung by Russia’s successful aerial campaign against Islamist terrorists in Syria, while the results of their own airstrikes are close to nil, the Americans have shown video footage of Russian air raids to demonstrate US airstrikes on a column of ISIL fuel trucks.

Of course without any mention of the Russian Defense Ministry…

Well, in wartime juggling with facts is nothing new, especially with President Obama now saying that Islamic State poses no direct threat to America, the author wrote.

Francois Hollande has few reasons for optimism though now that his anti-Assad stance failed to prevent the recent deadly attacks in Paris, Krasilova believes.

“It is high time that the French President stops to think hard about who is fighting who in Syria and why,” the author concluded.

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