Hollywood actor Michael Enright is asking President Trump to let him “come back home” after going to the Middle East to fight ISIS in 2015.

The British-born thespian moved to Los Angeles at age 19 to pursue his acting career and found success.

In 2015, after starring alongside Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean, Tom Cruise in Knight and Day and appearing in several hit T.V. shows, Enright left Hollywood to join the Kurdish YPG militia.

The actor said the rape and murder of thousands of Yazidi women by ISIS pushed him to take action and join the fight.

“When ISIS came along and I heard about how they went into the Sinjar region and massacred every boy over 12, every woman over 40 and kept the little girls as sex slaves in cages I became incredibly angry,” he explained. “Then Jihadi John came and started chopping off Americans’ heads and he was English – it was just the antithesis of what I felt.”

After his first tour with the YPG in 2015, Michael tried to enter the U.S. via Mexico, but was detained and flown back to the U.K. by Homeland Security.

Because he overstayed his visa and fought in Syria, the American government questioned Enright thoroughly before telling him he’d be allowed back into the country if he helped them catch a “bad guy.”

Obeying the wishes of the U.S., Enright went back to Syria in 2016 and collected intel.

He told the Sun, “I returned to Syria – only this time I wasn’t just a soldier I was doing my own James Bond thing too.”

While serving one of three six-month tours, Enright learned about the ISIS suicide bombing that took place at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Michael, who grew up in Manchester, posted a video on Facebook, saying, “I’m used to a lot of death, I’m used to a lot of terrorist attacks, but it has a different connotation when it is my hometown …”

“When I go to Raqqa, I’m giving them no quarter. I will expect not that much mercy from them and I will give them not that much mercy, that much I can promise you. I will remember Manchester,” he threatened.

Standing in the main square of the capital city Raqqa after its liberation, Enright played an Ariana Grande song as a tribute to the 22 individuals who died in the ISIS attack at the singer’s concert.

In November 2017, the actor left the Middle East and has been living in Belize, but days after President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops in northern Syria, he asked to come home.

“The reason I went to Syria in the first place is because I love America. When I saw Jihiadi John behead American journalist James Foley I had to act. I couldn’t sit back and do nothing,” Enright said.

Continuing, he pleaded, “I’ve fought for over two years to help liberate Syria from the evil ISIS forces and now I just want to come back home to America where I lived for 30 years of my life and where I have many ties and many friends.”

“I’m a patriot sir and I love America. I thought of you while I was in Syria fighting ISIS as the Commander-in-Chief. If you can help me to come home I would be very appreciative.”

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