A horde of Hollywood celebrities blamed President Donald Trump and his supporters — without evidence — for a series of suspicious packages sent to political figures across the country this week.

“I’d be very curious to know the origin of today’s FALSE story that a bomb was sent to the White House in the midst of all the actual bombs sent to people Trump has called enemies of the state. MAGA has radicalized more domestic terrorists than ISIS ever could. Modern Family executive producer Danny Zuker said.

Hollywood director Rob Reiner also chimed in, saying, “Donald Trump tells his cult followers protesters are paid for by Soros. Hillary Clinton should be locked up. John Brennan should lose his clearance. CNN is the enemy of the people. And blames Obama for everything. They’re lives were all threatened. You do the math. VOTE!!!”

The nation was rocked by news that multiple Democratic politicians and George Soros, as well as the New York City headquarters of CNN, received makeshift bombs in the mail.

The events of this week come after hundreds of instances of harassment and violence directed at Trump supporters, as Breitbart News’ John Nolte has chronicled.

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