Hollywood D-list actor Michael Rapaport released a hate-filled rant on Twitter directed at the Covington Catholic High School students, calling them every name in the book despite the fact the fake news about them has been thoroughly debunked for days.

His pontificating is so vicious and obscene that most of his remarks can’t even be transcribed.

Some of the comments are blatantly sexual, which is simply unacceptable when aimed at underage children.

Rapaport isn’t known for his eloquence or respect for the Constitution.

The has-been actor also celebrated the banning of Infowars and Alex Jones last year, gleefully declaring, “No free speech for you, you f*ck.”

As of this writing, Twitter has not taken action against Rapaport for clearly violating the platform’s Terms of Service, as is the case with many of its users who threatened the Covington students with violence and intimidation.

In fact, Twitter notified Rapaport of a complaint filed against his post and assured him the video didn’t violate Twitter Rules.

Conservative commentator Mark Dice pointed out Twitter’s glaring double standard after it permanently banned Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone from its platform for using some of the same slurs as Rapaport.

Mike Adams breaks down how the corporate controlled, mainstream leftist media is deliberately inciting mob violence by rallying brainwashed Americans to attack any President Trump supporter on sight after a rigorous dehumanization campaign that classifies classical liberals and conservatives as pariahs.

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