As London responded to yet another Islamic inspired attempted massacre Wednesday, some on the left simply went full loon, with one Hollywood actress in particular putting out possibly the dumbest comment of the day.

Patricia Arquette, who won an Oscar two years ago for the best supporting actress, took to Twitter and suggested that the culprit behind the attack was almost certainly President Trump.

That’s correct, Trump set up the attack in order to quieten the media about the Russia conspiracy theories they continues to disseminate, without providing any evidence.

Arquette also offered to pay for a “one-way ticket” to Moscow for the president:

When one respondent replied to Arquette’s tweet, suggesting that Trump is also “looking for any excuse to further restrict civil rights,” she responded “bingo”.

Others, in agreement with Arquette, suggested the London attack was a ‘false flag op’ and that Trump was looking to set up a “major terror attack and then martial law.”

Others suggested Trump may start a full on war to distract from the Russia story:

Arquette is obsessed with putting out conspiracy theories regarding Trump. A cursory look at her Twitter feed shows relentless tweets regarding the President on the Russia topic. Arquette tweeted incessantly about the so called ‘pissgate’ dossier,” a thoroughly debunked document that alleged ‘The Russians’ have video of Trump watching hookers engage in sex acts.

She has also claimed that Trump could bring internment camps back to the United States.

Arquette has previously labelled Trump “incredibly dangerous and not very smart,” and also previously said that she feared America could “enter a new depression” if Trump won the election.

She was recently filmed by TMZ making ranting comments about Trump and connections to Russia:

Of course, it isn’t surprising that the likes of MSNBC and CNN just love to give Arquette airtime:

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