Tells Howard Stern Americans do not have a right to own firearms

Kurt Nimmo
January 16, 2013

Harvey Weinstein. Photo:  David Shankbone.
Harvey Weinstein. Photo: David Shankbone.

Movie producer and Obama supporter Harvey Weinstein will produce a film with actor Meryl Streep targeting the National Rifle Association and attacking the constitutional right of Americans to own firearms.

“I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll tell it to you, Howard,” Weinstein told radio show host Howard Stern, according to MTV. “I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we’re going to take this head-on. And they’re going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

The NRA currently has a membership of five million and is one of the top three lobbying groups in the United States. Although the organization supports the Second Amendment, it has been criticized for supporting the 1934 National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act of 1968, legislation that created a system to license firearms dealers and tax automatic weapons.

Weinstein said his project with Streep will rival the 1939 movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and will have the effect of making firearms stocks “crash and burn.”

“I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it,” he said. Weinstein said people in other countries need firearms, but not Americans.

According to a story posted on the Washington Times website, Stern asked the producer of Django Unchained about earlier comments that guns are only useful “when you’re marching a half of a million people into Auschwitz.” Weinstein said he would have fought back against the Nazis if he had “found a gun, and if that was happening to my people.”

Weinstein ignores the historical reality of gun control. After taking power in Nazi Germany, Hitler not only used gun registration records to disarm Jews, but all Germans the regime considered enemies of the state. The Holocaust was possible because Jews were disarmed and had no way to defend themselves.

Weinstein’s comment that he would have resisted going to Auschwitz if he “found a gun” demonstrates a dangerous ignorance. He now wants to use the power of cinema to spread the liberal idea that guns are evil, unnecessary and government would never persecute and murder political opponents as it did repeatedly in the 20th century under the rule of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and others.

In 2012, Weinstein called for the film industry to examine violence in movies. “I think as filmmakers we should sit down — the Marty Scorseses, the Quentin Tarantinos and hopefully all of us who deal in violence in movies — and discuss our role in that,” Weinstein told The Hollywood Reporter.

Weinstein, however, may want to examine his own role in perpetuating violence in movies. His film, Django Unchained, directed by a notorious purveyor of violent movies, Quentin Tarantino, “turns into a strutting modern dispenser of violence,” according to David Denby, writing for the New Yorker.

“If we don’t get gun-control laws in this country, we are full of beans,” Weinstein told the Hollywood gossip website. “To have the National Rifle Association rule the United States is pathetic. And I agree with Mayor Michael Bloomberg: It’s time to put up or shut up about gun control for both parties.”


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