Twenty Hollywood nobodies, “religious leaders” and fellow left-wing activists appear in a new video ad “demanding” elected officials “obstruct” Donald Trump’s agenda.

An organization now known as ‘Humanity For Progress’ – formerly ‘Humanity For Hillary’ – is behind the two minute agitprop piece directing viewers to sign a petition at, a George Soros-funded consortium, and promoting the hashtag #StandUpForUs.

The cringeworthy video, produced by the radical Marxists at “progressive media” house Art Not War, features a cast of mostly unrecognizable non-entities pleading with Congress and other politicians to do everything in their power to thwart the incoming President’s “American First” policies.

It opens with the line, “Dear members of Congress, I’m mad, flabbergasted, furious, concerned for my children, worried for everyone,” and goes straight into the gutter of slander from there.

Every leftist fiction and tagline is covered in the script, with Trump and his supporters being called the usual grab bag of now-impactless slurs: racist, sexist, xenophobe, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, anti-Semite, anti-poor – even “anti-worker” and “anti-environmental” characterizations are incorporated.

There is, of course, no mention that Trump’s daughter and grandchildren are Jewish. Or that he has hired tens of thousands of ‘workers’ over the years, and has become the true champion and hope of the blue collar working class. Or that he is one of the most pro-LGBT Republican presidential candidates in modern American history – and even considers homosexual marriage as settled law.

The lie-parrots claim that minorities and women have been attacked “in Trump’s name,” and that “hate crimes are on the rise.” Of course, virtually all of these supposed attacks have been debunked as outright hoaxes, and the true rise of hate crimes is of those being perpetrated against Trump supporters, white folks, and law enforcement.

The end of the video drives home the final deception with a rapid-fire montage of its cast insisting they represent “the majority of the American people.”

Comments have been disabled for the video on Art Not War’s Vimeo site, but are active on the Humanity For Progress YouTube page – and few are flattering or supportive.

The description for the video reads, “Enlightened celebrity thought leaders warn Congress about what a dire threat Trump is to the nation.”

These are the true bigots, on full display. May we laugh at them heartily, and proceed to disregard their demands, TV shows, and movies.

Facebook: Dan Lyman

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