Holocaust survivors praised President Trump for deporting a Nazi officer back to Germany who had resided in New York City for decades.

“This is huge. You’re talking about someone who participated in the Final Solution. Someone who was involved in the murder of men, women and children, living in our community, living in America,” New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind said on Fox & Friends Wednesday.

Hikind blamed past administrations for not deporting former Nazi labor camp guard Jakiw Palij sooner, saying the issue “wasn’t taken seriously enough.”

“Talk is cheap,” he said. “Getting things done is what President Trump just did. It is huge.”

Hikind, who has represented the Jewish community in Brooklyn for more than three decades, appealed to his Democrat colleagues to abandon their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“As a Democrat, I say to other Democrats, ‘Stop this nonsense! Stop making everything into a political thing.’ When the president does something huge, like getting rid of the last Nazi from Queens, New York, say ‘Thank you, Mr. President for doing an amazing thing.’ God bless the president.”

He also tweeted out a gathering of Holocaust survivors thanking the president for his effort to rid America of its last known living former Nazi.

Trump thanked Hikind for his remarks, adding his administration made the issue a priority.


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