James Slack
Mail Online
April 17, 2009

The time was 5.30am, and Christopher Galley had been jolted awake by the sound of hammering on the door of his modest South London flat.

[efoods]’I assumed it was a neighbour, come to tell me there had been a flood or something,’ he said.

Instead, he opened the door to be greeted by as many as six anti-terrorist officers from Scotland Yard.

As they set about rifling through his home, seizing computers, keys, an iPod, his mobile phone and Home Office security pass, one officer began his own designated job: Scaring the 26-year-old witless.

‘We are offering no deals,’ the officer said. ‘You can get life imprisonment for this.’

For Mr Galley, the son of a college lecturer and maths teacher, whose says his interest had only ever been exposing the shambolic inadequacies of the Home Office, the threat was chilling.

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