Indiana DHS demands restaurant owner get permit to play live music

Paul Joseph Watson
July 26, 2013

Despite being created ostensibly as a response to the terror attacks on 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security has now expanded its role to include issuing permits without which restaurant owners are barred from playing live music.

Image: Folly Moon

Unbelievable as it sounds, in the state of Indiana, the DHS, which was supposedly founded to protect against and respond to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters, now regulates live entertainment.

Mike Martin, the owner of Folly Moon, a restaurant in downtown Muncie, IN, claims that the DHS “is actually saying it is illegal to play music or operate a business where music is played for any reason without paying the Department of Homeland Security, and giving them much personal and private information.”

Last April, the Indiana DHS claimed Martin’s business had violated state law by failing to obtain an entertainment permit for live music. Martin charges that the DHS is selectively enforcing the rule in order to “shut down small business with outdated laws.”

He attracted support from Don Marquardt, president of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association, who told the Muncie Free Press that the law was archaic and outdated and should only apply to night clubs and dance halls which are not restaurants. Marquardt added that the law was part of an assault on small businesses already hit with smoking bans, higher taxes and overzealous health code violations.

Martin asserts that the DHS’ actions are “an outrage to freedom” and just the first step in the federal agency’s ever-expanding attempt to micro-manage many aspects of American society.

“If the DHS can regulate the performance of a song where do you think they will stop? The fact is they won’t!” warns Martin.

“The Department of Homeland Security does not have the jurisdiction to enforce laws in the United States. They have purposefully and misleadingly attached themselves to the Fire Marshall to circumvent American constitutional rights and automatically give themselves jurisdiction in every business in the United States. This is enforced through the Fire Marshall’s inspection of commercial public businesses,” writes Martin, calling on Americans to “stand united against the unlawful abuses of the Department of Homeland Security and this increasingly fascist government.”

This story is yet another example of government bureaucracy running wild. Earlier this week it emerged that the U.S. Department of Agriculture busted a stage magician for not having a license for his rabbit.

“A small-time magician from Missouri that does magic shows for kids was absolutely horrified when he learned that the Obama administration is requiring him to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the rabbit that he uses in his shows,” writes Michael Snyder. “Yes, this is actually true. His name is Marty Hahne, and he thought that it was bad enough when the U.S. Department of Agriculture busted him for not having a “license” for his rabbit. He went out and acquired the proper “license” for his rabbit, but he never dreamed that eventually he would also have to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the same rabbit.”

Mike Martin is set to attend a hearing at the Indiana State House on Friday August 2nd during which a judge will hear his appeal against the DHS permit demand.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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