A homeless man who broke into California Governor Jerry Brown’s house last month said he only entered the residence because the liberal politician is “an open-door policy kind of guy.”

The 51-year-old man, Steven Seeley, said he heard what sounded like a large cat nearby and ran to the closest door.

“He’s an open-door policy kind of guy, so I figured the door would be unlocked, or else I wouldn’t have ran over there if I thought the door would be locked,” Seeley told KCRA.

Seely claimed he was trying to warn Brown, saying, “I was looking for the security staff, but I didn’t see anybody, I thought the governor was in trouble, I thought he was in danger of being attacked by the wild animals, so I walked in. I yelled ‘Jerry!'”

Once inside the house, Seely said he heard growling again and shouted at the governor, telling him to hide, and then hid in a closet.

Detailing his thought process, Seely explained, “I can’t get away; I’m in a little broom closet, so the only thing to do is to dive through the window, so I dove through the window to get away.”

He was treated at a hospital for cuts he received while breaking the window and was then charged with trespassing, felony vandalism and a probation violation.

Governor Brown was not home at the time, and California First Lady Anne Gust Brown was upstairs but didn’t have any contact with Seely.

The sanctuary state’s homeless population has now reached 25 percent of the national total, costing Californians over 10 million dollars between 2016-17.

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