Border Patrol agents in South Texas arrested an illegal alien from Honduras last week who had previously been deported and convicted of rape.

On Wednesday, agents working near Hidalgo, Texas arrested Madai Gamaliel Amaya, who claimed he illegally entered the US earlier that day.

Upon requesting a record check, agents learned Amaya had been deported from New Orleans on July 26, 2013, and was “instructed not to return to the United States without permission from the US Attorney General and/or the Secretary of Homeland Security,” according to US district court documents obtained by Infowars.

“On August 11, 2009,” the record states, “the defendant was convicted of Rape Second Degree and sentenced to ten (10) years confinement, two (2) years six (6) months suspended and three (3) years probation.”

Further records show a US magistrate judge ordered Amaya be placed in detention due to “a serious risk that the defendant will not appear” to future court hearings.

Amaya is charged with illegal entry after deportation.

Check out the court docs below:

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