In an interview with Infowars, a Hong Kong protester outlined several demands for his government and the Chinese regime to follow if they hope to end the pro-democracy demonstrations.

The protester, identified as Ryan, said Hong Kong wants to see several concessions happen to end the demonstrations: a representative government, the withdrawal of the extradition law allowing Hong Kong citizens to be extradited to China, to be identified as legitimate protesters, and the removal of widespread censorship.

“This is the least they have to do to soothe us,” Ryan said Saturday. “Because this is what started everything back in June. I believe they would retreat the extradition law, but it’s not going to soothe us, the millions of us, and I will keep protesting.”

Other protesters told Infowars they fear the extradition law would be used by Communist China for kidnapping political dissidents.

“I think people have this concern, and this concern is increasing,” one protester said.

Alex Jones supports Hong Kong and its people’s fight for their freedom from communist Chinese rule.

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