In another instance of MAGA Hat Derangement Syndrome, new video surfaced showing a Hooters waitress being publicly schooled by a pro-Trump black man after she ordered him to remove his Make America Great Again Hat.

YouTube personality Tommy Sotomayor started filming the encounter with the black waitress after she made an issue of his hat.

The last 48 hours have seen unprecedented animosity and hatred for Trump supporters and their MAGA hats.

After viral video emerged over the weekend showing a confrontation between a group of MAGA hat-wearing Catholic school students and Native American activist Nathan Phillips, the mainstream media and leftists generally descended into a lynch mob, accusing the students of “harassing” Phillips.

However, within 24 hours, the claim was completely debunked by social media after multiple and extended video footage contradicted the media’s false narrative.

Some in the media have retracted their fake reporting, but that hasn’t stopped the left from demonizing the students further.

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano compared MAGA hats to Ku Klux Klan hoods.

“The red MAGA hat is the new white hood. Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself,” she tweeted Sunday.

House Budget Committee chair Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) even called for teenagers to be banned from wearing MAGA hats altogether, saying they’re “poisoning young minds.”

Yarmuth has since clarified his remarks after the Native American “harrassment” narrative was thoroughly debunked, saying he was “joking.”

This is one of many other instances of the left completely freaking out over the innocuous MAGA hat.

Separate video from just over the weekend shows two teenage Trump supporters being harassed by rapper Cash Bently.

“You and you is bitches,” he told them.

Last July, a leftist stole a teenager’s MAGA hat in a Whataburger before throwing a soda in his face.

A month later, a Trump-hating father recorded himself bribing his daughter to assault a Trump supporter and steal his MAGA hat.

And two other Trump-supporting teenagers were heckled by a deranged leftist at a South Florida airport in December for wearing “racist” MAGA hats.


MSM including NPR, ABC, CBS, and NBC claim a group of school children harassed a group of native American, black, and minority adults when the footage shows the opposite actually occurred. Alex breaks down the propaganda campaign by MSM to smear Trump supporters as hateful.

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