Steve Watson
Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alex Jones’ latest edifying documentary, The Obama Deception, is without doubt his most timely work to date.

As we teeter on the brink of a full blown economic depression fueled by the excessive inflationary monetary policies of governments and the international banking cartels they operate under, the American people have turned to a man who has been masterfully presented to them as their last HOPE.

As we stare over the precipice into a cultural, moral and spiritual abyss that has been shifted ever closer by decades of interventionist foreign policy and the growth of a political agenda dominated by an unfettered military industrial complex, the masses have identified with a carefully staged call for CHANGE.

As we peer across the ever receding divide between unconstrained freedom and a system of authoritative control empowered by the continual subversion of basic liberties, the public has chosen to invest their fragile confidence in a figure they have been astuciously persuaded to associate with PROGRESS.

He is Obama.


[efoods]The Obama Deception lays bare the cynical fraud behind the spell binding image of the new president, a slick front man for the corporate oligarchs who have seized control of the country from the shadows.

The film is not about left or right politics, but instead seeks to shine a light on a deep-rooted agenda to use America and its largely unwitting population as the engine for global dominance, while feigning to represent the best interests of the nation.

The documentary, perhaps most importantly, outlines the fact that even if Barack Obama had the best intentions in the world, they would not come to pass because he is firmly rooted within a perennial and clandestine power structure that spans beyond presidents, borders and economies.

The Obama Deception emphasizes that only by facing up to and challenging this overriding architecture, the modus operandi that has come to shape our way of life and the world around us, can we actually achieve any palpable and effective change.

Those who supported Obama’s election will undoubtedly reassess their reasoning when they see how he continues to expand the machinery of warfare, how he has purposefully and meticulously left in place the framework of torture & renditions, how he has personally pushed through banker-bailouts, advanced the elitist North American Union agenda and much more.

Featuring interviews with leading economic analysts, politicians, business professionals, journalists, authors, social commentators and entertainers, in addition to empirical research and analysis by Alex Jones and the Infowars team, The Obama Deception is part political investigation, part cultural exploration of the pivotal and decisive times we live in.

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