In an exclusive interview with Infowars, David Horowitz, author of the bestselling book “Big Agenda,” warned that the United States is heading for another civil war.

“The Democrats have seceded from the Union for the second time in their history,” remarked Horowitz. For the man who exposed the “deep state,” it is not just business as usual in America.

Something is truly different about the current level of political discourse in America, if Horowitz is to be believed. Specifically, there is none.

“They are not liberals. The Democratic Party today is the party of Bernie Sanders, a neo-communist radical. It’s not the place of an opposition party in a democracy to mount a ‘resistance’ against a duly elected president,” Horowitz explains.

George Soros, White House connections

George Soros — the major focus of Horowitz’s blockbuster — is chief among those in the Democratic Party leading the “resistance” against President Donald Trump. Soros financed the #BLM and #NotMyPresident protests, which resulted in actual death and property destruction.

Soros also has major ties to at least two members of the Trump administration, including Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Trump campaigned against Soros’ influence in 2016.

Interestingly, Horowitz now says that the Soros connections of Kushner and Mnuchin are nothing to worry about.

“’Ties’ is meaningless. These are financial relationships not political,” Horowitz told Infowars.

Horowitz’s dismissal of Kushner’s substantial financial connections to Soros would seem to be at odds with his earlier treatment of Soros’s financial influence on political activities. Just prior to the election, Horowitz called for Soros’s arrest.

Democrats, plot to overthrow U.S.

For Horowitz, the only explanation for such a radical departure from American traditions of mutual respect and free speech is that the left is no longer part of America.

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Horowitz told viewers that America faces “a Civil War situation.”

“This is anti-democratic and anti-American. The Democratic Party is driven by ‘identity politics’ which is racist and anti-American,” he told Infowars. “The American idea is e pluribus unum, out of many one. We are Americans first, not whites, blacks, women, gays – and united in this.”

Former TV host of MSNBC’s “Countdown” Keith Olbermann is openly calling on foreign governments to help stage a coup against Trump.

The actions of Olbermann are illegal, criminal offenses. Olbermann is also not alone. (RELATED: Democrats Organizing Criminal Coup Against Trump)

The Democrats decry unproven “hacks” by Russian phantoms, but openly call on foreign governments to attack the U.S.

Intelligence community

“The greatest scandal & greatest threat to our democracy in our history-the use of the intelligence services against the political opposition,” Horowitz posted on Twitter, May 11, 2017.

“I don’t believe the whole intelligence community is rogue. It’s the seditious Obama and his fellow leftists who are the problem,” Horowitz remarked. Removing “Obama holdovers” is the solution Horowitz favors. He also advocates mass firings of Obama loyalists from other agencies, too.

“Firing all the Justice Department lawyers is something that Obama did,” Horowitz reasons. Ninety percent of employees at the Department of Justice supported a Democrat during the last election cycle.

Watch – David Horowitz: The Achilles Heel Of The Democratic Party Revealed

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