Epic cell phone video shows Justin Bilton and his 70-year-old father Charlie risking their lives while trying to escape the massive Howe Ridge Fire at Glacier National Park in Montana.

Thousands of acres have burned near the Lake McDonald region of Glacier National Park after a lightning storm ignited the fire on August 12.

Justin and Charlie drove through the blaze in a rental car while filming the inferno as they desperately tried to make an escape.

“Dad, what if the car blows up?” Justin asked.

Charlie responded, “Then we’re dead. Just keep driving. Not too too fast, we’ll be okay.”

As the fire intensified, Justin said, “The car is heating up, it’s gonna explode. Jesus. Please, God, help us.”

While Justin prayed for help, a burning tree blocked the road and Charlie suggested getting out of the car to move it out of the way, but they decided to back out the way they came instead.

Eventually, they drove up to a small lake where they flagged down a boat and were able to jump on board before the lakeshore went up in flames.

“We looked back and just saw the whole lakeshore where we had been maybe 10-15 minutes before just completely go up in flames,” Bilton said, adding, “The car burned shortly after we abandoned it and got rescued by a boat that just happened to be there.”

Justin credits God for the miracle, saying, “I do think it was some kind of higher power looking out for us. It seems like it wasn’t our time to go.”

The fire has destroyed several homes and other structures, but no injuries or deaths have been reported.

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