Porn star Stormy Daniels pole dances on a strip club stage as President Trump offers a carrot, in the latest Ben Garrison political illustration.

Addressing the fallout of President Trump’s “horseface” label after the porn star’s lawsuit against him was dismissed, Garrison reveals there are plenty of other horse references to be made:

Like Mr. Ed, Stormy Daniels keeps talking and talking and won’t go away.

Stormy lost her horse race when a judge dismissed her defamation suit against President Trump and ordered her to pay Trump’s legal fees.

Her jockey, “third rate lawyer” Michael Avenatti rode “HorseFace” into last place.

Stormy kicked up her heels at Trump’s “Horse face” tweet and pawed at the ground, calling Trump “Tiny”.

Watch: Don Lemon Asks Stormy Daniels About Trump’s Penis

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