The House of Representatives today approved a bill that will use the reconciliation process to approve legislation to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which has been caught selling aborted babies and their body parts.

The House passed the Planned Parenthood de-funding bill on a 240-189 vote margin with all but seven Republicans voting for the bill and only one Democrat willing to vote to de-fund Planned Parenthood after it kills unborn babies in abortions and sells their body parts for profit. (Scroll down to bottom to see how your member voted.)

“Fighting for families hurt by the President’s health care law and for women and children harmed by abortion providers has consistently been a priority of mine,” said Representative Randy Hultgren of Illinois.

He applauded the bill for prohibiting all federal mandatory funding for one year to abortion providers while the House continues its investigation into Planned Parenthood’s activities. He said by redirecting $235 million in federal funds to community health centers for the next two years. Community health centers are widely available and provide a full range of health services for women. There are 670 community health care centers in his home state of Illinois vs. only 18 Planned Parenthood centers and there is a similar breakdown in states across the country.

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