Felicia Sonmez
The Washington Post
December 2, 2010

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The House on Thursday passed a bill that would extend the Bush-era tax cuts only to the middle class, a mostly symbolic measure that nonetheless allows Democrats to draw a contrast with Republicans on the issue.

The bill passed by a 234-to-188 vote, with 20 Democrats bucking their party to oppose the measure and three Republicans voting in favor. The proposal would extend the Bush-era tax cuts only to individuals earning $200,000 or less per year and families earning $250,000 or less.

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Democrats had pushed it to a vote this week in an effort to make the case that Republicans are holding an extension of the middle-class tax cuts hostage to an extension of cuts for higher earners. Republicans have slammed Democrats for the move, accusing them of undermining bipartisan negotiations this week on reaching a compromise on the tax cuts.

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