Adan Salazar
September 23, 2012

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it’s definitely no match for a police officer’s service weapon.

The Houston PD demonstrated they’ll be perfectly obedient New World Order minions when this past weekend they executed a schizophrenic, wheelchair-ridden double amputee who was apparently threatening to attack officers with a pen.

According to the Associated Press, the man, whose name has not yet been released, used his wheelchair to corner “the officer inside a group home after officers were called to check on a disturbance.”

Jodi Silva, a spokesperson for Houston PD, says the officer couldn’t make out what the metal object the man waved was. It was later determined that the object was a pen.

After the mentally-ill man refused to comply with police orders to put the pen down, police opened fire without thinking twice to reach for the taser instead of the gun.

The schizophrenic man had a history of mental illness, according to the group home’s owner. He told the AP that the amputee had recounted stories of his lost leg and arm in the past.

The man – who had likely developed an embitterment issue, or “Ahab syndrome,” feeling anger over the unjust loss of his limbs, just as the famed fictional whaling ship captain in Melville’s classic tale – may also have been under the influence of prescribed anti-psychotic medications, which are known to have side effects of dysphoria, or severe depression.

Regardless, the one-armed, one-legged man was too much for police, who say he came “within inches to a foot” of them, threatening their lives.

The pen-wielding man’s shooting death illustrates the hot-headed, thoughtless psycho-hero mentality employed by adrenaline charged cops, a problem that has reached epidemic proportions and ingrained itself as a societal norm in our culture. (For instance, one could spend days, even weeks viewing police brutality videos on You Tube.)

Last year, we documented the pepper-spraying and beating of a mentally handicapped teen after an officer “mistook” his speech impediment as a sign of disrespect.

In 2010, Seattle police were also filmed beating a mentally disabled teenager for the crime of jaywalking.

This is the new breed of police that shoot first and ask questions later. In their haste to eliminate threats, it is too much to ask that consequences be considered prior to actions.

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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