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February 21, 2009

Since Labour was elected 12 years ago, a massive and frightening array of powers have been introduced which curtail Britain’s long-fought-for commitment to the freedom of the individual.

There are 56 such freedom-destroying powers, according to the Convention on Modern Liberty.

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They range from the shameful decision to ban inconvenient but peaceful protests in the vicinity of Parliament to the storage by the police of DNA samples taken from entirely innocent people.

Town Hall Stasi routinely deploy anti-terrorist powers to snoop on dog foulers and families suspected of cheating school catchment area rules.

Low-ranking officials have access to the chilling ContactPoint database containing the sensitive personal details of every child in England.

A giant new NHS database will allow confidential patient records to be accessed by health workers across the land.

The list is terrifying. But still ministers are not satisfied they have sufficient powers to pry into every aspect of our lives.

The Home Office will shortly announce details of a new Big Brother ‘Intercept Modernisation Programme’ which will store details of our every phone call and internet visit.

The Coroners and Justice Bill will allow the state to order inquests involving matters of national security to be held in secret if the details could prove embarrassing to ministers.

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