Is it too soon to write these words? Will the truth live only in our minds, or will it play out, as fact, in the world?

Place your bets.

I’m placing mine:

History will uphold Hillary Clinton’s fame – but not for any of her deeds.

Instead, she will become a marker for the moment when something called the Internet took over the news.

And the basis for that judgment is simple, for those of us who are living now: the mainstream news has

– covered up her grave physical condition;
– tried to push her through the door of the presidency, in the most powerful nation in the world;
– attacked independent reporters who revealed the truth, and then had to eat their own innards.

Mainstream news was, by and large, a propaganda outlet for Mrs. Clinton in her effort to become Commander-in-Chief, the position she desperately longed for. That betrayal of journalistic integrity was exposed for anyone to notice, when her severe condition was dragged into the light, despite a massive effort to suppress it.

Huge television news networks and newspapers of record were forced to blot out their lies and change course.

History will tell that story and record the sea-change. History will not bury what happened, because winners write history and we are winning.

Even if control of the Internet is handed over to censors, there is no turning back. Too much information will leak through. Too many people are determined to tell the truth.

If she had just been another presidential candidate in an election season, the whole nasty episode would have been forgotten. But she was a willing agent of change. And the direction she was taking, on behalf of the men who survive through one presidency after another, building their “new world order,” was leading civilization deeper into ruthless tyranny.

Hillary Clinton was not a favorite of these men. They were disgusted at the Clintons for their sense of entitlement, their reckless crimes committed out right in the open, their hubris, their cheap fabrications.

These men preferred other, more docile agents who could conceal their motives with at least a modicum of skill.

But the Clintons wouldn’t go away. For them, power and more power was a drug, and in their addiction, they would scale any fence, climb any wall, to obtain their fix.

The brutal public exposure of her physical and mental deterioration was the price Hillary Clinton paid for her obsession.

In the year 2016, the perfumed hounds of the media tried to shore up support for her and the men she represented. They miscalculated badly. Another force was at work.

The Internet became a breeding ground for men and women who could see where civilization was heading, under the false banner of a “better world for everyone.” This was a modern version of the oldest lie in the book of power: promise the population a shining future in return for their allegiance to “higher ideals.”

It is a ritual of sacrifice played out on a false stage, on behalf of false idols. The outcome is always massive top-down control.

Hillary Clinton was the symbol of that bait and switch.

She was taken down.

The commander of all she surveyed – the final throne she sought – was whisked away like a vaporous dream. She grasped, but the dream was gone.

Something else was happening. Something no one could have predicted a generation ago. A renewing and rising tide of what looked very much like independence. Independence from a choking clot of power at the center of our lives.

Not a battle won for all time. There are no such victories. But a first step.

Not independence from totalitarian globalism itself, which has many faces and many agents. But a first step.

A new rough, uneven, massive, decentralized tide of a million waves has risen. This tide moves through channels of the Web, expressing countless decentralized dreams and visions.

Do you really see it disappearing?

I don’t.

If you do, is that your best assessment, or just ingrained cynicism reciting old words?

It’s never too late to join a battle in which no sacrifice of yourself is necessary.

Whether my bet here is accurate, whether Hillary Clinton enters the Oval Office as the next president, the game is afoot.

Time is long. And the game is never over.

The free and independent individual never dies.

Jon Rappoport is a veteran reporter. You can find him at No More Fake

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