Put me down as someone who has not seen this kind of irresponsible lawlessness in the US before.

President Nixon had Watergate but that’s beginning to look a lot like a PG movie compared to what we are seeing from this administration, from going around Congress on the prisoner swap to the events on the US-Mexico border.

For the record, I support a moderate immigration reform package that allows some of “the dreamers” to stay here, especially those who’ve been succeeding in school or who want to serve in the US military. It should be part of a broad border security plan. The 10-12 million people who are here will have to wait until we can understand the economic impact of adding more people to an economy that is not producing enough jobs.

However, I can not blame those members of the GOP who’ve concluded that President Obama will not respect whatever Congress does to resolve the immigration problem.

Let’s look at what is happening on the US-Mexico border.

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