Tom Tancredo
May 3, 2012

His approval rating is in the toilet. His re-election numbers are abysmal for an incumbent president at this point in his term. He has stated that he is giving up on white, working-class Americans. The economy, regardless of how he tries to talk it up, is lethargic at best. His “foreign policy” consists of repeating the line “(fill in name of country) is one of our best allies and punches above its weight.” Independents are deserting him in droves.

Obamacare is still unpopular, and his numbers will fall even further after it is declared unconstitutional. Of course, the Obama attack machine (campaign and left-wing media) will immediately go to town after the Supreme Court announces its decision and try to whip up the base with frightening rants about the end of Roe v. Wade being just one vote away. Even if this ploy works, independents will not be pulled over to his side in big enough numbers to stop the slide. The Catholic Church has taken off the gloves over BO’s attempt to force them to provide insurance that includes coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. They are attacking him from the pulpit and with a television commercial that is as hard-hitting as anything produced by James Carville.

Romney can capitalize on this and hopefully remember that the election is about one thing and one thing only – Obama. He must fashion a campaign to remind Americans of BO’s Operation Fast and Furious, the policy of selling automatic weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. Romney can play the president’s laudatory comments about the Occupy Movement while showing such protesters defecating on police cars. Oh yeah, Romney can also show the clip of Leon Panetta telling Congress that the administration doesn’t think it needs to ask for congressional approval to send troops into conflict – just that of the United Nations and/or NATO.

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