Debt is like junk food—although best avoided, moderate quantities won’t kill you, but too much will creep up on you and make your life suck.

It allows us to buy things we can’t afford, but at a higher price. Ultimately, it’s a big contributor to today’s rat race. Quite unfortunately, many people get themselves swamped.

Governments aren’t immune either. Thanks to the Federal Reserve, the USA has an unlimited credit line to run up an astronomical amount of debt. This is what happens when politicians who have trouble balancing their own checkbooks are in charge. It’s little different for many other countries, but all that’s another matter.

The public spending money they don’t have is an inflationary pressure. As Ezra Pound (a poet, “deplorable” radio commentator, and political prisoner) noted, compound interest corrupts everything it touches. Is it any wonder that the world’s economy runs on fairy dust?

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