Tulsa Grassroots RON PAUL Campaign Office
January 16, 2012

How do you get Ron Paul elected President spending just a few hours of your time? We at the Tulsa Grassroots Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters have been feverishly helping supporters of Ron Paul plug into their precincts to impact the nominating process at the grassroots level. Why? The bottom line is this. No matter what the numbers in the popular vote are for each state’s primary election, the issue is whether Dr. Paul will have the needed delegates to be nominated for President at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The process is so easy, it’s like falling off a log. It varies some from state to state. Here in Oklahoma, we have neighborhood precincts. Because of political apathy, approximately 70% of these Tulsa County Precincts have no leadership. The precincts are unmanned and waiting for a citizen to volunteer to preside in their precinct and become a delegate to the county convention. The next step would be to volunteer for the Oklahoma State GOP Convention, if you like, so you would be eligible to go to the National GOP Convention to represent Dr. Paul.

At this point I would like to make an appeal for all Infowars listeners to claim a chair for Liberty at their state conventions to nominate Ron Paul for President. You must call your county GOP office right away to volunteer at the precinct level. Time is so short, especially for residents in March 6th Super Tuesday states such as Oklahoma and fifteen other states. For example, precinct meeting deadline in Tulsa County is February 4th. This process begins at the precinct level.

This is easy. You must do this to support Ron Paul to secure him the Republican Presidential Nomination for 2012 in August.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Tulsa Grassroots RON PAUL Campaign Office

2416 East 51st Street, Tulsa, OK



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