Take a look at the following photo of a late-model Camaro.


Notice anything?


Maybe a color adjustment using Photoshop will help:


In fact the photographer took a second photo of the Camaro using his flash:


The only thing that really screams “police car” on this Camaro is the grill guard, so it appears that instead of serving the public, the Houston Police would rather deceive them for revenue generation.

This practice, however, isn’t just limited to Houston; Salisbury Township, Pa., also uses these “stealth” police cars to ticket thousands of drivers.

“It’s like they didn’t even see me,” police officer Bryan Losagio told The Morning Call. “Not many people do.”

Okay, so what if someone is in stress and needs assistance immediately? How are they going to know to flag down a cop car when they can’t even tell it’s a cop car? Of course, they could call 911, but that takes time and besides, aren’t cops supposed to be protecting and serving the public instead of hiding from them?

“Nothing deters crime, even as minor as speeding, like a visible police presence,” a commenter on The Morning Call wrote. “These vehicles may serve a purpose, but increased public safety is certainly not one of them.”

But what do you do if you do get pulled over? Watch this video:

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