Nicholas Ballasy
October 19, 2010

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Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said “there is a racist fringe” in the Tea Party movement which the “news media hypes up” and compared the movement to the supporters of his 2004 campaign for president.

CBS News’ “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer asked Dean on Sunday, “What do you make of the Tea Party? I think I saw somewhere, where you said the other day that Republicans have – have created a monster.”

Dean responded, “I didn’t say that. Somebody did say that. I don’t think it is a monster. I think they are going to have trouble with it. And I – let me just say, I would disagree with Senator Graham and – and Liz on the notion that Obama’s not in the middle. His health care plan was essentially the same as Mitt Romney’s. Mitt Romney is never been accused of being a liberal.”

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