Warning: Graphic language.

Radio host Howard Stern has pledged his allegiance to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but in a passionate rant Monday the Sirius XM broadcaster acknowledged he thinks the former First Lady is wrong on gun control.

“That’s the one issue I really am nervous about voting for her,” Stern told a caller from Wyoming. “I believe the Second Amendment issue is one of the most important. And I gotta tell you, I think about it more and more, I really do, I think every citizen needs the right to be armed.”

“You know what I call it? An ‘equalizer,’” Stern said about handguns, going on to describe a hypothetical situation in which his co-host Robin Quivers may be confronted in a parking lot by two rapists.

“What’s my only option?” Quivers joined in, implying she would need to shoot the assailants or be overpowered.

The talk show host went on to depict various instances in which a gun would aid otherwise helpless victims, including in a theoretical matchup between “an older gentleman” and “a 30-year-old just out of prison who’s been working out like a monster and weighs 250 pounds of pure muscle.”

“Now, the great equalizer is the pistol, semi-automatic weapon, or a revolver,” Stern says.

Admitting he’s still for a national gun registry, Stern insisted homeowners need guns to protect their families and property when police cannot be immediately summoned.

While the host may have not yet fully embraced the meaning behind the words “shall not be infringed,” the Clinton backer’s fervent support of Americans’ right to bear arms is a good start.

Just last week, Stern had an equally passionate pro-Second Amendment discussion with his producer Gary Dell’Abate, known to listeners as “Bababooey.”

Warning: Graphic language.

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