Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made some salient points Sunday, noting that the entire investigation of Trump-Russia collusion is most likely based on “a phony dossier”.

“There needs to be an investigation of the investigation,” Huckabee said Sunday on Fox News.

“Was in fact this whole thing based on a phony dossier that was financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and then the DNC?” Huckabee asked.

“If that’s the case, if something that was totally manufactured was then presented to federal investigators, to the FBI and said, ‘You need to investigate Donald Trump and his campaign.’” he added.

Huckabee was referring to the debunked “Steele dossier,” otherwise known as ‘pissgate’. He noted that if any part of the investigation is based on this then it constitutes “entrapment.”

“They use that as a way to go after, electronically surveil members of the campaign including President Donald Trump and/or his staff, and that’s how they got all this stuff? That’s entrapment,” he said.

Huckabee’s comments came in the light of revelations that FBI head Robert Mueller removed an FBI agent from the investigation because he had sent anti-Trump texts.

Huckabee noted that more of the investigators could be out to take Trump down.

“A whole bunch of the investigators who are Hillary Clinton donors or supporters,” he said, adding that Mueller is a “close pal” of fired FBI Director James Comey.

Meanwhile, the former assistant director of the FBI Jim Kallstrom, has also spoken out against the investigation, saying that “Bob Mueller should have never been offered nor accepted the job as special counsel as he has a huge conflict of interest.”

“If they used the phony dossier as the predicate for the FISA order they obtained, that could be a huge problem,” Kallstrom tells Breitbart News. “If they knew the information was phony, that is a felony. If they did not know it was phony, they were incompetent.” he added.

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