There’s nothing more “empowering” and “liberating” than women being forced to wear bags over their heads, at least according to the feminists at the Huffington Post.

Yasmin Nouh says in her article, “The Beautiful Reasons Why These Women Love Wearing A Hijab” it’s a “misperception” that “Muslim women who don the headscarf may lack agency.”

“In today’s political climate, the headscarf has become more than just a spiritual symbol of modesty,” Nouh said.

“At one point, women working in government positions were not allowed to wear it in Turkey. In France, the niqab — a version of the headscarf that covers the face — is banned. In the field of counterterrorism, some view the headscarf as a manifestation of extremism. And as the number of Islamophobic attacks continues to rise in the United States so, too, does the fear among Muslim women, especially those who wear hijab, that they’ll be victims of violence.”

While 21-yr-old Katia Bengana was executed by Islamic terrorists in Algeria for her refusal to “don the headscarf,” the feminists at the Huffington Post view it as a “choice” and hail the head-bagging as a symbol of defiance.

The Huffington Post asked Muslim women to share “a picture of themselves along with a brief description of what wearing the hijab means to them.”

Here’s some of the ridiculous responses:

As I covered yesterday, in Muslim countries, like the UK for example, it’s not a choice.


“Being shoved in an upside down potato sack motivates me to be a better womyn.” #EmpoweredAsF*ck

Alright, I slipped that last one in myself.

The problem with this entire propaganda campaign is they’re giving the false impression wearing a hijab is just a “choice.”

While it may be a choice for grown women in the West living in a society built on European values, it’s not a choice for most women and girls living in the Muslim world,  it’s a mandate.

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