Huffington Post contributor and author Dan Arel, who last week advocated violence against Mike Cernovich, has called for a “purge” of conservatives while also labeling Dave Rubin, a gay Jewish man, “Nazi f**king trash”.

The exchange began when I tweeted about YouTube’s temporary removal of Jordan Peterson’s channel, remarking, “The purge begins.”

“Oh Paul, when the left begins its purge, it will be much different than this…” responded Arel, meaning that the “purge” would be something different to just silencing free speech.

When asked to clarify what he meant and whether it constituted a threat of violence, Arel deleted the tweet.

He subsequently tweeted, “Nazis lack imagination.”

After being called out on the tweet, Arel began to backtrack, subsequently claiming that by “purge” he meant to ban conservatives from the Internet, although his initial deleted tweet suggested an alternative to censorship.

Not to be outdone, the self-proclaimed “activist” whose Twitter banner image is a picture of a group of protesters holding a banner that reads “this is war,” then accused gay Jewish commentator Dave Rubin of being “Nazi fucking trash” because he once hosted conservative commentator Lauren Southern.

Rubin responded in epic fashion.

On Sunday, Arel also tweeted an endorsement of violence against Mike Cernovich, remarking that a troll who physically approached Cernovich should have assaulted him. That tweet was subsequently deleted too.

In another tweet, Arel referred to women as “cunts”.

Arel says he has now “quit writing for the Huffington Post,” although his articles are still posted on the Huffington Post website and Arel still includes it in his Twitter bio. The Huffington Post page lists Arel as an “award-winning journalist and best selling author”.

He also writes for The Hill. Infowars reached out to both the Hill and the Huffington Post, but did not receive a response.


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