H.A. Goodman, a regular at The Huffington Post, Salon and a former State Department employee, believes the only way to fight the Islamic State is to confiscate more hard-earned dollars from the American people and bring back conscription.

According to Goodman, we’re a nation of selfish sloths, television watchers who expect a volunteer army to fight our existential battles. “It’s time to get off the couch, America, and collectively sacrifice for national security, both through taxes to fund the next conflict and a draft, like previous generations in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam,” he writes.

Goodman runs to Jon Meacham, a CFR insider, who argued back in 2012 for a return to conscripted slavery, otherwise known as the draft, in order to fight the empire’s wars. Body bags, missing limbs, PTSD and all the other horrors of large scale organized mass murder are a small price to pay to protect America against enemies of its own making.

He quotes R. Russell Rumbaugh, a military analyst at the CIA, who took the pages of the nation’s premier war propaganda broadsheet, The New York Times, to argue we couch-sitters are under taxed and a “permanent tax surcharge to pay for wars” is required to “ensure that we… achieve our interests throughout the world.” Rumbaugh, of course, believes the interests of the CFR and the American people are one and the same.

It is hardly surprising this screed in favor of forever war and endless sacrifice to the state appears at the Huffington Post, supposedly a bastion of lib-left political thought. It is, instead, another crafty corporate front peddling propaganda for the state and wars that centralize its power and enrich its bankster and corporatist overlords.

HuffPo is owned by AOL, the corporate leviathan that sucked up Time Warner, and was owned by Arianna Huffington, the right-left chameleon who, according to Adam Davidson, “conned progressives with the promise of a new, different, post-ideological model — and then delivering a cold hard dish of the same old exploitation, betrayal and hypocrisy.” Libs, of course, should have seen this coming when they saw Huffington team up with Ken Lerer, the flack who covered for the poster child of a criminal financial class and the epitome of Wall Street corruption, Michael Milken.

There is very little difference between the so-called right and left sides of the establishment political spectrum when it comes down to war. There is a dedicated, albeit heavily marginalized and routinely ignored, antiwar faction located at the outer fringes of the Democrat party. Republicans have begrudgingly allowed a small and equally marginalized libertarian and Ron Paulian antiwar faction in their oligarchic club, but it does not dent the war pig domination of the party.

Remember, many of the wars over the last sixty or so years were initiated by Democrats, most notoriously Vietnam inaugurated by Lyndon Johnson (who used a classic false flag to get things rolling).

Obama’s ISIS war and the vastly exaggerated threat supposedly posed to the heartland by Islamists — in fact Wahhabist Salafi-Takfiri, or apostates who deviate from mainstream Sunni Islam — is merely the latest scam perpetuated by the military-industrial complex and its neocon intelligentsia to keep war going forever. The grossly over-cooked Islam threat was devised in the late 1970s as the U.S. worked to take down the supposed Soviet threat and supplant it with another, more permanent enemy.

ISIS, IS,ISIL, whatever tag you affix, is wholly a creation of the CIA, British and Israeli intelligence, and their partners in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Turkey. It does not pose a threat to America and does not require more confiscation of wealth and forced conscription at gunpoint.


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