Infowars has launched a huge new petition to force social media companies to end the practice of shadow banning and algorithm-based censorship.

Massive studies have proven that algorithms can shift millions of votes and change the outcome of national elections. This in itself is election meddling and should be illegal. All we are asking for is a level playing field.

Since social media platforms are now de facto becoming the Internet and have formed into monopolies, the argument that they are private companies who can behave with impunity is no longer valid. We demand congressional and parliamentary scrutiny. We demand a Digital Rights Act to secure free speech online.

It has now been confirmed that Twitter is censoring conservatives with site-wide shadow bans under the umbrella of “Quality Filter Discrimination”.

“In short order, a flood of influential conservative Twitter users discovered they were shadowbanned also using an account checking tool at,” reports Zero Hedge.

This means that anyone not following a particular user does not see their content. This vastly reduces the spread of information from accounts with a conservative political perspective.

In contrast, left-wing accounts are not affected by the shadow ban.

Last week in a response to CNN, who have been lobbying to have YouTube and Facebook ban Infowars, a Facebook spokesperson admitted that Infowars content was being downranked by the company’s algorithm, meaning far less users will see it.

Now an investigation by Gizmodo finds that my content is also being shadow banned by Twitter’s search function.

“Infowars’s editor-at-large, Paul Joseph Watson, appears to be among those with some reduction in search reach,” write Bryan Menegus and Tom McKay.

Democrats in Congress are also brazenly lobbying YouTube and Facebook to censor Infowars content.

As we document in our huge report on the issue, The Censorship Master Plan Decoded, this is the biggest issue facing conservatives and Trump supporters as we head towards the 2020 mid-terms.

Algorithm manipulation could change the results of national elections. This petition is part of a multifaceted effort to pressure Congress into forcing social media giants to not discriminate against conservatives.

If we can present our case with hundreds of thousands of signatures to back it up, they will be forced to pay attention and change their policies.

Sign the petition here.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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