A parade of leftists proved Tuesday that they will oppose absolutely anything the President does when they expressed anger at Trump deporting an actual Nazi.

On Tuesday, the Trump Administration announced that the last remaining Nazi on American soil will be deported to Germany, after over a decade of negotiations with Obama and Bush administration officials failed to prove fruitful.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency arrested 95-year-old Jakiw Palij in Queens, after it was agreed with the German government that he will face punishment there.

That’s correct, Donald Trump, who is labeled a fascist by unhinged leftists every minute, deported an actual Nazi death camp prison guard.

Was that enough to temporarily please his detractors? Of course not.

In fact to some, including “New media artist” Thom Dunn, it was evidence of Trump trying to cover up his own fascist tendencies.

In further now deleted tweets, Dunn stated that “justice is cheapened when it’s only delivered as a PR stunt by someone else to make himself look good.”

He added, “sigh* The self-congratulatory, melodramatic air around this story reads—to me—like Trump administration PR stunt. It lets them point and say, ‘See this? We can’t be white nationalists!’ despite the many other instances that say otherwise, without alienating that base, either.”

GQ writer Nathaniel Friedman chimed in with his own conspiracy theory:

Yes, that’s a writer for GQ, and he’s still employed. He deleted the tweet and passed it off as ‘a joke’.

Who is stupid?

Even the Washington Post suggested that the story has been ‘played up’ for ‘political advantage’:


Others went further with the theory that Trump and ICE deported a Nazi just to look good:

Others just were not happy about deporting a Nazi murderer:

The poor old Nazi is the victim of a ‘witch hunt’:


On and on it went:

So, there you have it, the left sides with actual Nazis over the US President.

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