Wrestler Hulk Hogan claims that his friend received a mail-in ballot addressed to his pet dog.

“Crazy stuff, a friend of mine just got a mail in ballot for his dog Nugget? Now even dogs can vote!” tweeted Hogan.

President Trump has repeatedly stressed the danger that the mail-in ballot system could be abused for vote fraud, but the media has characterized his concerns as a baseless conspiracy theory.

“Many were sent to dead people…I guess 2,3,4 were sent to dogs. One was sent to a cat. They are sent all over the place,” Trump said last month.

Boing Boing reacted to the statement by asserting Trump was “lying again”.

Far-left news site Salon also claimed that Trump had made the claim “without evidence.”

The New York Times also characterized Trump’s assertions about mail-in ballot fraud as “baseless.”

However, if Hogan is accurate in what he tweeted, it really does appear that some people are abusing the system.

As we highlighted on Tuesday, a polling firm with direct ties to the Biden campaign and the DNC says that it’s likely President Trump will appear to have won in a landslide on election night but may lose after mail in ballots are counted, which “will take days if not weeks to tally.”


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