Huma Abedin Testifies Before Benghazi Committee TodayTop Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin will testify before the House Benghazi Committee at 10 AM Friday in a closed-door session at the U.S. Capitol. Breitbart News has learned from the Committee what she will and will not be asked about.

Abedin is a key figure in the Benghazi scandal, and could have information about how the administration changed its talking points to blame the terrorist attack on a Youtube video. Abedin is also at the center of Clinton’s private email scandal and various other controversies involving her work for the private consulting firm Teneo Holdings, having recruited a State Department official to the firm on her government email address while on a trip to Cambodia with Clinton.

“The committee has typically avoided announcing appearances before it, but the continued mischaracterizations of the committee’s actions by Democrats, partisans and outside groups necessitates a change in this practice,” said a Committee spokesman.

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