The hundreds of genes which are responsible for intelligence have been identified, opening the door to the possibility of improving people’s intellect. Scientists have mapped these genes on human DNA for the first time, and believe that with more research they may be able to manipulate them.

The researchers found that the genes are likely to be controllable all at once. They suggest this means they may be able to modify the genes to increase someone’s cognitive function, and it will also help with research to find new treatments for neurological diseases.

The genes are comprised of two gene clusters, known as M1 and M3. The researchers from Imperial College London found that they are responsible for features including memory, attention-span, processing speed and even reasoning.

“We know that genetics plays a major role in intelligence but until now haven’t known which genes are relevant,” said Michael Johnson, lead author of the study. “This research highlights some of genes involved in human intelligence, and how they interact with each other.”

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