A Texas Game Warden came under attack by a human trafficker while surveying an area near the southern U.S. border yesterday, another illustration of how smugglers are unfazed by Obama’s empty promise to clamp down on the illegal trade.

The game warden spotted the smuggler during a routine patrol last night, along with a group of illegal immigrants who had just made their way across the Rio Bravo south of McAllen, Texas.

When the officer approached, “the smuggler with the group resisted arrest and began hitting the warden as he tried to make his way back to Mexico,” a Texas Parks & Wildlife spokesperson told CBS affiliate Action 4 News.

The warden ultimately overpowered the smuggler and arrested him, but the incident is indicative of the increasing desperation of smugglers, who are constantly trying to take advantage of gaps in border security in attempts to keep their illegal, lucrative trades afloat.

As one smuggler recently told the Associated Press, not only has human trafficking continued unabated, but business at times is actually booming.

“It’s business.. Sometimes, business is very good,” the smuggler, who obviously wished to remain anonymous, told an AP reporter.

In light of hundreds of thousands wanting to gain entry, smugglers have become so brazen with their work that they have taken to conducting their human cargo shipments during broad daylight.

Last week we documented one case in which smugglers with suspected cartel affiliations were caught inflating rafts, receiving payments and floating people across the river, in addition to threatening reporters, in plain sight.

Also last week we showed how smugglers in south Texas are actively trying to neutralize border agents by relying on booby traps, such as road spikes, or caltrops, to blow out the tires of pursuing vehicles.

The out-in-the-open brazenness demonstrates smugglers are unconcerned with Obama’s weak promises and dismissive of Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to deploy the National Guard to the border, and is another serious indication of how the refusal to enforce our borders can put the lives of law enforcement officers “just following orders” in danger.

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