Kurt Nimmo
December 12, 2009

love bomb
Climate change demonstrators love-bomb a Danish cop.

Duped by the junk science of the climate change scam, thousands of people rallied in Copenhagen to demand immediate implementation of the globalist agenda to deliver “rich nations” into a New Dark Age. Bamboozled protesters called for an end to “capitalism,” “tough measures on climate change,” and “action instead of words.”

The usual suspects were in attendance. “Hundreds of youths wearing black went on the rampage through the Danish capital, throwing bricks and smashing windows,” reports AFP. “Many of the youngsters, whose faces were covered with scarves, were forced to the ground by riot police before being bundled into vans.” In the past, it turned out many of these black-clad “youngsters” were in fact police provocateurs.

The foundation leftists and police planted anarchists marching and attacking capitalist shop owners in Copenhagen merely provide a carnival atmosphere for the corporate media and divert attention from the radical and anti-human globalist agenda unfolding at the Bella Center.

“They’re all around the building [the Bella Center]. They let you get really close. Because everybody here is for the environment, I guess.”

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