Janos Lazar, Chief of Staff of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, posted a controversial video about Austria’s capital on his Facebook. He states that “immigrant communities have completely changed the cityscape” and “Vienna has become a worse place because of refugees”.

In the video, Lazar says that Austria’s capital “is dirtier, poorer and increasingly crime-ridden since migrants began living there”. When he tried to ask citizens of Vienna how they experience this “nobody spoke German [Austria’s main language]”, he says.

Lazar concludes “a city within a city” is created and if Hungary’s not careful its capital could look Vienna within 20 years. “There are a great number of schools in Vienna where there are no white Viennese children left, only the children of Muslim immigrants and immigrants from the Middle East,” Lazar says.

With his eye on Hungary’s next elections in April and his party’s anti-migration stance Lazar says: “We are working to prevent this phenomenon”.

Earlier, Hungary’s government spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs, already said that “Migration is very expensive and integration or assimilation — as it is referred to in Western Europe — is not possible”

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