In speeches on Hungary’s National Day, prime minister Viktor Orbán has lashed out at European leaders for inviting the “destruction of Europe” by causing the migrant crisis and has rejected European Union (EU) plans to resolve the situation.

Warning “Europe will be destroyed”, Mr. Orbán said in Budapest yesterday he wanted to prevent further incidents of “gangs chasing our women”, especially in his own Hungary. Anti-mass migration political movements across Europe have been galvanised by the images and stories coming out of German cities like Cologne over New Year’s Eve, and his remarks reflect a preoccupation with preventing further sexual assault by migrant gangs.

Falling short of actually naming Germany in his Hungarian National Day speech, Mr. Orbán criticised the “incorrigible fighter for human rights” who blindly welcomed migrants to Europe and who in turn brought “crime and terror” to the continent, reports Nachricten. Calling for unity among European peoples, while making a carefully worded attack on the cloistered leaders of the EU, Mr. Orbán said:

“We are calling every citizen of Hungary and every nation of Europe into unity, regardless of political affiliation. Europe’s leaders and citizens cannot live in two separate worlds any-more, we must restore the unity of Europe. The people of Europe cannot be free on their own, if we are not free together.

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