Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto spoke to Euractiv’s Croatian edition mainly about migration and EU affairs.

Speaking of migration, Szijjarto reminded that “we have had a massive influx of illegal migrants in 2015, and since then there have been 33 terrorist attacks conducted on the EU territory. The attacks committed by people with a migrant background were responsible for 330 victims that have been killed since then.” The minister warned that “there are 35 million people in our immediate neighborhood ready to come to Europe very soon.”

According to Szijjarto, the EU should primarily be focused on securing its borders.

He said that the debate about the Spitzenkandidat system “has much deeper meaning, because there are two basic approaches when it comes to the structure and the future of the EU. One approach claims that the EU should be a supranational institution; the United States of Europe, with strong Brussels and weak member states. The other states believe that the biggest power should be given to sovereign nations, thus, they perceive the EU as the integration of sovereign countries.”

“It is not a secret that we would rather see the EPP opening more to the right than to the left, but everything will be decided soon. The EPP has to start representing Christian democracy again, and the key issue for us, the one that will eventually decide our future, might be migration policy,” he said about the relations between Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party and the EPP.

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