Protecting Christian culture is a top priority for both Hungary and Russia, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told public Kossuth Radio on Sunday.

Hungary has built cooperation with Russia to protect Christian communities, Szijjarto said, referring to the issue as “a very serious, tense, international and political” one. Both countries have mobilized great resources to ensure that protection, he added.

Referring to a recent visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Budapest, Szijjarto said that the two countries had agreed to jointly rebuild a monastery in Syria, adding that they would jointly finance a large bakery to provide bread for a whole city.

On another subject, Szijjarto said that Hungary’s gas reserves were full, and the country was in the “comfortable position” of starting negotiations about gas supplies for the next heating season.

Pastor Jailed by Turkey Can’t Believe LGBT Persecution of Christians in USA

Pastor Brunson, freed from Turkish jail by pressure from the Trump administration, returns to USA after 23 years and can’t believe the religious persecution of Christians by LGBT activists.

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